Meet Justin 

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I am a father, a movement coach and teacher, an instigator of wild and extravagant health, a student of the Nine Muses,

an educator of true health and healing

a heretic to the false health care system

 and an advocate of making love in nature.


Justin is a health teacher and coach honing his craft for over ten years. Ever interested in the human body, in 2008 Justin began in a gym as a personal trainer. He graduated university with the degree in kinesiology and a focus on exercise science. Justin honors the path of learning from Nature and advocates others to do the same. He has shared his knowledge through teaching, hosting podcasts and training at fortune 500 companies. Justin teaches the nearly lost practice of healing thyself with Nature.    



Meet Mat 


A little about me.

I am nature guy, family man, farmer, skinny dipper, sun lover, dare devil, adventurer, water sign, 

I love to read, and learn about the human experience, so I have made it my work. I love deep passionate conversations, and a good cup of coffee.  I am spokesperson for getting in touch with our true nature, and exploring the inner and outer worlds of it. I love having a relationship with everything I consume, (food, Ideas, etc...) I love having children around me 24/7, and a partner that shares this life with me.  Im a constant innovator, and I have to remind my self that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 


Professional Bio

Mat Fisher is the co host of the Reconnected Human Podcast, health coach, and a heretic in the health field. His mission is to revive the power of the individual through our connection to the laws of nature. Mat studied kinesiology and sports medicine in college and used his knowledge to become a  personal trainer. For the past decade he has taught his passion to people that are fed up with mediocrity and want something more from their health. Through his research and self experimentation, Mat has totally transformed his health, and the health of others. With the help of the Reconnected Human he hopes to sell others on the beauty and regenerative qualities of living a more native and harmonious life.