The Reconnected Human….

entrains through “vital contact” with the natural world, his senses to the mind, moods and ideation of the indwelling intelligence of the earth.

Perceives the world through direct experience as living intelligence.

Acknowledges and honors the voices of our wild ancestors.

Thrives in the modern world with the ability to see through lies, falsehoods and deceit brought on by those knowingly or unknowingly afraid of life.

Is a warrior of beauty, wisdom and innocence.

Recognizes and honors her body as the instrument of interactivity with the natural and supernatural world.

carries his own personal story, the story of his people and the story of the Planetary animal mother.

Is Aimed

living in this way has access to power beyond belief.



  1. A~living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated // wild Lions

    B~: of or relating to wild organisms // the wild state


Noun/ˈhelth also ˈheltth

  1. A~: the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit //She is the picture of health.

  2. A~a condition in which someone or something is thriving or doing well WELL-BEING

  3. A~: Health is the ability of a biological system to acquire, convert, allocate, distribute, and utilize energy with maximum efficiency


Noun/ ˈsi-stəm

  1. A~: A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole

  2. A~: an organized set of ideas or principles usually intended to explain the arrangement or working of a systematic whole // the Newtonian system of mechanics

Synonyms: Method or Practice

Justin Gardiner

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I am a father, a movement coach and teacher, an instigator of wild health, a student of the Nine Muses,

and an educator of true health and healing


Justin is a health teacher and coach honing his craft for over ten years. Ever drawn to the mysteries of the human body, in 2008 Justin began in a gym as a personal trainer. He graduated university with the degree in kinesiology and a focus on exercise science. Justin honors the path of learning from Nature and advocates others to do the same. He has shared his knowledge through teaching, hosting podcasts and training at fortune 500 companies. Justin teaches the nearly lost practice of healing thyself with Nature.    



Mat fisher 


A little about me.

I am nature guy, family man, farmer, skinny dipper, sun lover, dare devil, adventurer, water sign, 

I love to read, and learn about the human experience, so I have made it my work. I love deep passionate conversations, and a good cup of coffee.  I am spokesperson for getting in touch with our true nature, and exploring the inner and outer worlds of it. I love having a relationship with everything I consume, (food, Ideas, etc...) I love having children around me 24/7, and a partner that shares this life with me.  Im a constant innovator, and I have to remind my self that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 


Professional Bio

Mat Fisher is the co host of the Reconnected Human Podcast, health coach, and a heretic in the health field. His mission is to revive the power of the individual through our connection to the laws of nature. Mat studied kinesiology and sports medicine in college and used his knowledge to become a  personal trainer. For the past decade he has taught his passion to people that are fed up with mediocrity and want something more from their health. Through his research and self experimentation, Mat has totally transformed his health, and the health of others. With the help of the Reconnected Human he hopes to sell others on the beauty and regenerative qualities of living a more native and harmonious life. 

A few Words from our students

I was lifting weights in the gym on and off for years, so never really thought about anything other than seeing the weight stacks get bigger, until I realized I could not do some basic stretches or movements without falling over. I was discussing this with my company’s HR Wellness Rep, and my desire to be able to move, and he recommended Justin. After my first few sessions, some acquaintances asked what had happened to me as they had seen my physical therapy work in the gym. Sadly, that was just my physical training sessions. My range of motion and ability to move fluidly were so bad that I looked like a person learning how to use certain muscles again. In all honesty, that was actually not that far off, as I grew up watching television, playing video games, and sitting at a computer. It has been roughly four months now, and I am amazed with the differences in my body. While I still have a long way to go, I can see my muscles filling out more evenly and they are no longer tense 24/7. Basic movements such as playing with my dogs or my niece no longer leave me in pain or having to sit down. I am sleeping better and can wake up without an alarm on the weekends, and I am much more receptive to the effects of foods have on my body and mind. Even my friends and family have mentioned that my attitude is better and I am more relaxed. One last item, there are days I do not want to go to my sessions as I do not feel good, I am tired, or otherwise just not in the mood. o far, I have always made myself go, and I have never once regretted it, as I feel so refreshed, albeit sore, after every session.

~Phil Bujnoch


My personal trainer Justin, is someone that I credit everything to! At our first meeting he sat me down, and we made a plan together. We set goals both short and long term. He guided me in nutrition, weight loss and all around health. He is also who I give credit for my 80 lb. weight loss, getting off all of my medication except my diabetes shots, and finally being able to walk up and down stairs without falling and breaking another ankle.

What makes Justin a special trainer is that he is kind, patient and encouraging. There were many times that I didn't believe in myself, but Justin always did! Even when I was discouraged and wanted to quit, or I was frustrated and felt things were too hard, Justin knew just what to do. He knew ways to trick my mind... taking things in small baby steps...and always helping me to realize there is light at the end of the tunnel! When I messed up on nutrition, he was always there telling me that everyday is a new day...don't dwell on the past, or stress out on things you can't change. He said to start fresh from that point on, knowing that life will continue to put obstacles in your way. Justin has such a positive outlook on life. His philosophy is that each day is a gift and we should live life to the fullest. He believes that everyone deserves health and happiness and that everyone is capable of achieving this.

~Pam V.

Living the Dream

Like many adults my diet consisted of too much fast food, no portion control, bad eating habits and little to no exercise.

While my health was still good at 50, I knew I was a ticking time bomb! It was time to take action, time to make a change!

I was fortunate enough to be matched up with Justin for personal training, that was 3 years ago with no looking back!

Justin’s keen desire to help people change their lives radiates out of him like a corona! Pair that desire with his positive outlook, motivating attitude,

Experience and considerable knowledge…..result: I am “ Living the Dream” and you can to!

Best Wishes “Just Do It”, you’ll never regret it!

~Patty B


"Mat is a true master of the body. Over the last year, I have been positively challenged both physically and mentally to reconnect my body to natural elements. My mobility has improved, my dietary lifestyle has improved, and my sense of being has improved — all due to his fascinating coaching and mentoring. I give my highest recommendation for Mat — he’s professional, personable, knowledgable … he’s all the things!"

~Abel G