Join us January 21st & 28th for two virtual tre training sessions with Dr.david berceli




TRE (Trauma or Tension Release Exercises)

Tension Release Exercises are a series of movements developed by Dr. David Berceli designed to enable us to activate our primal tremor response mechanism. This is our deep innate physiological relaxation or "anti-anxiety" tool. All mammals on Earth have this mechanism built in to their bodies. The problem is Humans have forgotten how to use it. It is very simple, natural and deeply profound. Dr. Berceli is here to help us remember this fundamental healing aspect of our human physiology. 



Join us for two virtual classroom sessions where Dr. berceli will teach you the primary Tension release exercises, how to allow the activation of your tremor mechanism and answer any questions you may have.  

*note: This does require a partner

SEssion one: partner one will experience the tension release process while partner two assists.

Session two: partner two will experience the tension release process while partner one assists.    


Session 1: January 21st 11-12:30 pm Cst-Online via zoom (partner 1)

Session 2: January 28th 11-12:30 pm cst- online via zoom (partner 2) 

Price: Early bird (before Jan. 7th) $197

Regular price: $249

About Dr. Berceli 

David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. He is the creator of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).  This revolutionary technique is designed to help release the deep tension created in the body during a traumatic experience or through chronic stress.  He is also the energetic and creative founder and CEO of Trauma Recovery Services.  

Dave has spent two decades living and working in nine countries providing trauma relief workshops and designing recovery programs for international organizations around the world.  He has lived and worked extensively in Israel/Palestine, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. He is fluent in English and Arabic. 

David is unique in that he holds a solid academic and experiential grounding in psychotherapy and therapeutic body-work. He integrates that with a keen understanding of the intertwining dynamics of religion and ethnic customs.  This combination has allowed him to develop unique and specific processes that enable people from all parts of the world manage and move beyond personal trauma as well as bring healing and reconciliation between diverse groups.