"Sensation is the greatest mystery in natural science" ~ Wilhelm Reich


Sensory Depth Training


Sensory Depth Training is a method of immersion deep into natural sensation. Immersion in to the senses makes the correction of the mind body split possible. The aim of SDT is to align body and mind developing body knowledge, strength and integrity. This is achieved through sensation and movement. Our bodily sensations are where direct apprehension of the natural world takes place, through propreoception. This is how we learn, this is how we grow. In this current state of the modern world, there are many distractions, abstractions and preoccupations, working to deny, negate and blunt sensation. Blunting and reducing sensation to the virtual lifelessness of technology is the current modus operandi of "progress". SDT is aimed at the sensorial immersion in to  beauty wisdom and power of Nature. It is up to you and I to discover exactly what we are made of. I invite you to immerse into sensation and see what opens up for you.


Sensory Depth Training Course Outline


On Path Program (Orientation)


SDT Foundations:

Module One ~ Experimental Movement

Module Two ~ Neurophysiological State Change Breathwork

Module Three ~ Telluric Tremor Activation


Aim & Narrative (Organization)


Key Elements of SDT


The Wonder Circuit and True Imagination

Orientation of the Mind-Body to the ever changing flow of Nature

Comprehensive Program for Accessing Deeper States of Sensation

Learn to release tension and relax your nervous system at will

Methods for aligning, healing and strengthening the body using sensation as your guide.

The real power to heal your body

 Aim and Narrative





On Path Program (Orientation)

Sensory Depth Training starts with orientation. The O.P.P. is design to orient and anchor one's own body and mind in to the biological circadian rhythms by activating The Wonder Circuit. Science is finding the paramount importance of light and dark cycles to the health and balance, both physical and psychological, of biological species. This orientation goes far beyond that. The O.P.P. gives you a practical framework to diminish the sense of feeling lost. Thinking about the natural circadian rhythms is one thing, directly sensing this organic living process is another. Sensorial Intelligence. 




Module One ~ Experimental Movement

The scientist will increase his errors in proportion to the neglect of his own system of sensory perception and awareness" ~ Wilhelm Reich


Teach a man a movement, he moves for the day. Teach a man to move he moves for life. The first method is what is called experimental or exploratory movement, it's a mode of movement and dance that inspires us to connect deeper into our body. Their is a heavy element of ludic play with the aim to learn and feel throughout our bodies. This is a practice that goes beyond any specific movement. You take this concept with you through all movement.  In this aspect of SDT, you utilize your tools of breath and sensation to explore your physiology. You asked to feel  deeply as you are move through your functional range of motion. From your toes up through your ankles, knees and hips, spine through your neck and into your head. The practice involves identifying areas of the body that are not properly functioning and bringing them to life. These are what we call breakthroughs. You breakthrough old bodymind holding patterns, integrate and find strength in a more complex state. 

Below is a short exploratory movement tutorial.

Module Two ~ Nuerophysiological State Change Breathwork


The aim of this portion of Sensory Depth Training is to supply your body with oxygen, to raise your pH, so your body becomes more alkaline, and to feel, again, more. This is the result. This is what happens when you do this exercise. As your lungs and your musculature, your tiny micro-musculature, and your vascular system become stronger and healthier, you're able to sense and feel more of the world that is around us, and you realize that it's nature that guides us. Okay?

Breath work is a tremendous, tremendous power. There is a depth to where we can go as we strengthen our vascular system, strengthen our nervous system, strengthen our immune system, lower inflammation, and strengthen our mind. Sensory Depth Training is all about reconnecting the mind and body. There is only a perceived difference between the mind and body due to abstractions and preoccupations. There is genuinely no difference between the two. 


Module Three ~ Telluric Tremor Activation


The third mode, modality in Sensory Depth Training Method is the activation of your innate telluric tremors. This may be the most powerful piece of this dynamic synergy. The body's natural tremor response fluidly excites and enlivens your body and senses. It is meant to naturally and pleasurably penetrate in to areas of you physiology: fascia, nervous tissue, musculature and vascular tissue to release tension, resistance and calcification and promote motion, sensation and vitality. TRE is a beautiful, elegant and powerful method of immersion into our senses and into our body. This is where our power is realized, in the realm of our senses. This is where we're going. It's depth. It's strength. It's powerful. 


As you enter into Sensory Depth Training, the question arises of how deep can you go, and how much can you handle? This is a physiological question. How much control can you handle over your nervous system, your vascular system and your immune system, ultimately your body, and in turn your mind as well.


Aim and Narrative (organization)


In the final phase of Sensory Depth Training you learn how to organize by intent. The better one gets at shifting cognition and immersion in to sensation the more important your intent becomes. Or perhaps its a prerequisite for the depth and richness you desire. In this phase we examine our guiding narratives and clarify our aim.  


What happens during a sdt session?


All Sessions are different and work in accordance to the intent of the individual as well as the plethora of ever changing environmental factors. It is generally quite pleasurable. A session can be stopped at any moment, as the individual is always in complete control. These sessions provide the necessary depth and interaction with the body to take responsibility of one's own health and wellness.



~One May experience waves of total bliss

~feelings of stress and tension diminishes (in some cases forever)

~Endorphins flood your mind and body

~One begins to align with their true nature

~Shift from ordinary cognition to a heightened Cognitive State

~Development of strength and integrity of Mind and body 




Q: Who is SDT for? 

A; SDT is for those who have already made the choice to take great care of themselves and their body and are ready to take it to a deeper level. Although SDT does strengthen your bodymind there does need to be minimal foundation of health and a deep love for your own body. It is for those that are willing and prepared to let go of unnecessary beliefs and surrender deeply to what nature has to offer. This will not work if you are biophobic.  

Q: Is SDT a new age ascention program?  

A: No. Not at all. SDT is all about depth and immersion in to your visceral biophysiological experience. It's about growing in to your own feet connected to the land, not a "new cage" dead end.  

Q: Is SDT a strength training program?

A: More precisely SDT releases blockages to allow proper alignment for strength to be demonstrated in the vascular system, nervous system and musculature. SDT is a system of developing body control. SDT enhances any other physical/mental activity you partake in. 

Q: Does SDT in involve meditation? 

A: Not in the sense of sitting quietly with your eyes closed. In a way the whole process of SDT is a meditation, though more of a movement meditation. 

Q: Does the course include nutrition guidelines?

A: Yes. SDT includes a brief and simple crash course in to nutrition. 

Q: Does SDT affect sexual performance? 

A: Short answer, absolutely. With practice orgiastic potency is increased.