Alexander Wunsch

Alexander WunschPhysician, Cranio-Sacral therapist, Inventor, Vibrational Medicine therapist

Alexander's Bio 


Alexander Wunsch is an expert in vibrational medicine and photobiology. In his private medical practice in Heidelberg, Germany, he uses systemic color therapy in combination with electromagnetic fields, body sound application, and Cranio-Sacral bodywork. He does research in the field of light effects on cellular levels and developed a number of devices for vibrational medicine, chromotherapy and electromagnetic environment testing


Show Notes: 

  • Light hygiene
  • Why Alexander ditched prescribing drugs for light medicine.
  • What are the natural frequencies of life? Schumann resonance. 
  • 16 min Calculation for frequency duration, OCTAVING
  • Music is mathematics 
  • How to hear the Schuman Frequency
  • 6:25 Octaving, Electromagnetic Frequecy chart
  • What are the healing frequencies?
  • 10:42 The natural wave pattern of the body.
  • What is a circadian rhythm?
  • 11:53 etymology of the word circadian. 
  • Our internal clock has to be set to about 24 hrs
  • What pathways is light taking to get to us?
  • 22:10 1903 Nobel prize winner earth worm research from his book. Red light is ok for dark, blue light cause retreat        
  • The effect of blue light in skin
  • Day is for stress, night is for repair. Immune system repair happens at night. Melatonin is the hormone of darkness. Cortisol is for day stress.  Light at night creates a mismatch in the brain.
  • 27:30 Breaking down the complexity of light.
  • 32. How big is this problem of light mismatch? 
  • Melatonin window (repair window) drops from 10 hours pre-advent of artificial light to about 6hrs post advent of artificial light. Disease is more present. Regeneration is what we need to focus on to re-engineer degenerative disease. 
  • 34 min. Skin and what it does with light.  Vitamin d, cortisol, molecularly similar. Vitamin d is the seasonal stress hormone.  Cortisol adrenaline relationship. Only happens in summer.  
  • 37 Fear of uv? What's this about? 
  • No one is talking about the positive effects of uv exposure. The negative is pushed in the forefront.  Mood enhancement, lowers blood pressure. Decompose stress  hormones.  
  • 40 min the Sun is the master of balance. 
  • Fits Patrick skin type 1. gingers don't tolerate sun light in a beneficial way. 
  • 44:32 Method of exposure and adaptation. For skin types.  
  • 48 Awareness in place on earth in relation to the sun.   Arethema is overdose of sunlight.  Reddness is To late of an indicator of when to cut off sun exposure. 
  • Use a timer to help acclimate and monitor
  • What nutrients help with light exposure? Tyrosine. Vitamin a.  more important to time the exposure of sun than think about nutrients. 
  • 52  Top 3 directives to cultivate a healthy life style. 
  • Who is giving the directive?
  • What are 2 books that have impacted your life 
  • Fristzholfich. Light in man and animals. 
  • Chromotherapy spectrum encyclopedia 
  • 57 we have reached a level of measure with science that we no longer have direct experience to prove it for ourselves.  
  • 60. Bonus question. 
  • What question do you have? 
  • What lights do you have in your home. 



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