Andre Miller

Andre Miller ~ Personal trainer, Gym Owner, Movement Coach, Agriculturist



Show Notes:

- The body's path of integration. (07:00)

- The quest of meaning leads to holistic movement practice. (18:00)

- A trap must be set in order to find what your hiding. (22:00)

- The breath is the foundation. (28:00)

- We are actually creating our body every day, how are you choosing? (32:00)

- Intuition = Surplus awareness. (36:00)

- Impeccability as a mission. (33:00)

- Just Connect! (42:00)

- People don't want to be comfortable the just don't want to be bored. (52:00)

- Top 3 Directives, 2 books of Impact, and Favorite Album. (58:00)


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Roots Fitness Portland Oregon

7 Mysteries Of Life by, Guy Murchie

Symposium by, Plato

Anatomy Trains by, Thomas Myers

Bob Marley; Exodus