Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is known as the Bulletproof Exec and is literally causing a nation wide up roar over human performance that all began over a cup of coffee.

 Young Dave in the early days was mainly focused on the numbers of his test scores and his bank account and as a result, he became a millionaire by the time he was 26. Happy story right? YES! But, it also led to a 300lb grown up with low sex drive, diminishing brain functioning, and an allergic reaction to coffee. It wasn't until he realized that he had to take health into his own hands that led to the Reconnected David "Bulletproof" Asprey.  $300,000 later and 100 pounds lighter, Dave had successfully quantified his biology and has reconnected back to life.  On his journey he raised his IQ by 20 points and designed his own coffee that literally makes him bulletproof. We tried to shoot Dave during this interview and failed because he is indeed bullet proof.

Dave is a father of bullet proof children, VP of major Cloud security company, creator of the Upgraded Self online store and thebulletproofexec.com blog. He is constantly upgrading his environment and has invited everyone to utilize these bulletproof concepts so that you can avoid spending almost half a Mil on hacking yourself.