Evan Brand

Evan Brand ~ Functional Medicine Clinician, Not Just Paleo Podcast Host,  and Holistic Nutritionist

Evan's Bio

Evan Brand, BCHN, CFMP, NTP, CPT is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional medicine. He is the creator of NotJustPaleo.com, one of the top 25 natural health sites and podcasts on iTunes, and the author of three books including REM Rehab, Stress Solutions, and The Everything Guide to Nootropics. He has appeared on dozens of radio shows, podcasts and media outlets, where he appeared as a guest expert.

Evan has been studying, practicing and teaching natural health and living for more than 7 years. Evan works with patients from a functional medicine perspective. He uses lab testing and a thorough intake process to discover the underlying causes of health symptoms, and a customized combination of nutrition, supplements, botanicals, herbs and lifestyle changes to address them.

His work is deeply rooted in his own lifelong struggle with depression, IBS, skin issues–which he later recovered from through his own research and experimentation. Evan lives in Louisville, KY with his wife and daughter!

Show Notes:

- Kicking out the parasites (3:00)

-Cleansing the body on cellular level (6:00)

- Detox is the last phase of clean up (10:00)

- Water toxicity (12:00)

- Light Toxicity (16:00)

- Invisible but measurable EMF Toxicity (23:00)

- Is your brain leaking? (34:00)

- Alien EMF Toxicity (35:00)

- Earth's Natural EMF (39:00)

- "I don't always go barefooting but when I do, its toxin free!" (42:00)


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