Frank Forencich

Frank Forencich ~ Writer, Speaker, Movement Teacher

Frank's Bio

Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized expert on health and human performance. As an engaging speaker and movement teacher, he brings a unique, "long body" perspective to the human predicament and offers practical solutions for some of the most pressing problems of our age.

- B.A. Stanford University: human biology and neuroscience, 1979

- Member: Council of Directors of the True Health Initiative

- Black belt rank in karate and aikido

- Contributor: Paleo Magazine 2012-2016

- Travelled to Africa on several occasions to study human origins and the ancestral environment

- Named by Experience Life magazine as one of “Five Visionaries leading the charge to better health, and a healthier world.”

Show Notes:

- Adventures in Africa (04:46)

- A Reductionist view on the body leads to separation from environment (09:00)

- Getting nature wrong (13:00)

- Stepping away from the alien abduction (18:00)

- Hacks for nature? Creating a better story (20:30)

- Building the new system. "Go where the life is!" (28:00)

- What is the short body? (31:00)

- Leading the tribe. (33:00)

- The subtle nature of the long body. (36:00)

- Incorporating the long body philosophy in your movement practice.(39:00)

- Bricolage, Beginning where you are. Find your own balance. (41:00)

- Learning from death, time to give up the fear of life. (43:00)

-Favorite books, album (53:00)


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