Gray Cook

Gray Cook is a physical therapist, author, lecturer and strength coach

  The father of functional movement, Gray Cook is here to break down the process of what it means to move as a reconnected human. Movement is not synonymous with the term "workout". Today "going to workout" typically means sitting on a machine,pulling levers and staring at the person on the machine in front of you while you wonder if the machine that they are using works better. This doesn't usually lead to a body that gets what it wants out of life. The Reconnected Humanmoves because doing so feels good and allows more life to flow through. We want to get back to a time that the body moved simply because we are creatures of movement, and it is necessary in order to express life. As Gray Cook says "Move well before you move often." In order to do this we must get the body functioning well before it will want to move again. If you don't want to move, chances are your body is not functioning well enough to receive life, and may be in need of intervention. Enter Gray Cook.

Gray is a true bad ass and we are privileged to have learned a lot from him. Now it is your turn to learn what it means to move well. (Hint: It is the opposite of dysfunction.)

Enjoy listening to one of the best movement experts of our time.