Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr is a messenger of the Toltec wisdom and the author of The Five Levels of Attachment and Living a Life of Awareness.  

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is the bestselling author of The Five Levels of Attachment as well as recently released Living a Life of Awareness. Miguel, honoring the family tradition of breaking the family tradition, takes the perspective of the Toltec wisdom and puts them in his own words inspired by his own experience. The message is simple: you are perfect, now enjoy. This message has been twisted and contorted in so many ways that we have forgotten simple truths. It is important to know that the contortions are not real and are products of our own beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us. Through these beliefs we hold ourselves to conditions that we must meet in order to love ourselves or others. These conditions we place on love, Miguel jr. calls attachments. In his book The Five Levels of Attachments, Miguel gives us a tool, a guideline to see how attached we are to our beliefs. The levels range from your true authentic self or a state of unconditional love to killing for your beliefs. 
The Levels of Attachment are as such:

Level One: The Authentic Self
Level Two: Preference
Level Three: Identification
Level Four: Internalization
Level Five: Fanaticism

Throughout the book, Miguel Jr. remembers the voice of his grandmother asking, "Are you using knowledge or is knowledge using you?" Miguel Jr. has a beautiful way of speaking his truth and I am very grateful to have shared time with him on the podcast. Here is the show where we dance with Bruce Lee, Toltecs and Awareness. Thank you guys for listening to the show.