Rafe Kelly

Rafe Kelley is a movement teacher and founder of Evolve Move Play 

Rafe Kelley, founder of Evolve Move Play, has been a movement teacher for 11 years, having practiced various martial arts since he was a small child, gymnastics starting at 15, and parkour starting at 23. In addition, he was lucky enough to grow up on the end of dirt road surrounded by woods and spent his childhood climbing trees, hiking up creek beds, swimming, and throwing rocks and sticks. Rafe co-founded and acted as the program developer and head coach for Parkour Visions in 2008, one of the most respected parkour teaching organizations in the world. Rafe is widely considered one of the top parkour coaches in the world, having taught seminars for Apex movement, Tempest Free Running, many crossfits and a variety of other facilities and organizations. Rafe brings a unique combination of personal movement competence, an analytical approach, extensive and comprehensive background knowledge, and a deep love of nature and play to his teaching.

I wanted to get Rafe on the show because I loved his videos and the way he is able to move his body like water through nature. I was very inspired by him to move outdoors with a different lens. Evolve Move Play reminds me of what this fully capable human body that we are gifted, is capable of. Listen to the podcast and get to know The Tree Runner in a more personal conversation