Suzi Alderete

Suzi Alderete, BS in Physical Education, Minor Secondary Mathematics, Pilates Teacher, Fascial Stretch Specialist, Anatomy Teacher and Designer


Suzi's Bio

After graduating with a BS in Physical Education and a minor in Mathematics, Suzi began teaching Algebra 2 at Houston Independent School District (HISD) in 1990. Having been physically active all her life as a dancer, she utilized these skills and eventually learned to teach Pilates. Thus began Suzi’s path into the healing arts.
Changing careers in 2000, Suzi became certified in and began teaching Pilates. It wasn’t long before she realized an important element of physical fitness was and had historically been continuously overlooked, not only in Pilates but in the entire fitness industry. In her attempt to educate the public, she published a DVD called Pilates for Better Sex. The focus of the DVD is pelvic floor strength and how it benefits your life.
After the DVD, Suzi began studying the fascial system and how it relates to movement. Learning this system sparked a new interest and she was inspired to write her latest 2 books; The Pelvic Handbook (2007) and re-Connect Your Dots, through the Anatomy Trains (2016). These books are based on her experience as a Fascial Stretch Therapist and a movement teacher.
3 years of training and 10 years later, Suzi is a leader in Fascial Reorganizing and Retraining. Suzi has helped athletes training for events, to patients recovering from surgery and has clients travel from all over the US to work and study with her.
In 2011, Suzi taught Anatomy & Physiology and Kinesiology at Austin Community College in preparation for her own workshops in anatomy and movement:
Teaching at ACC presented Suzi with a challenge. Teaching the muscular system out of a book is difficult. The image of muscle origin, insertion and action from a book is challenging and the transition to the “real thing” a human body, is almost impossible - from a book.
She searched for the life size muscle models and was disappointed to find nothing on the market that suited her needs. She decided to make the muscles for herself in order to facilitate her student’s learning process. 3 years later and 3 patent pending products, she is using her “bag of muscles” and “fascial maps” to educate people and make learning anatomy straightforward, effective and retainable!

Show Notes:

What is movement? Functional vs dis functional patterns.

-How did the book come about? 
-How did you get into working with movement?
-Injured. Pain as a teacher
-What is it that gives people the most trouble?
-Wearing big thick shoes.
-What are the attributes of a good shoe?
-Why do people have flat feet?
-How to transition from modern footwear to barefoot?
-Suzi's favorite shoes. New balance minimus
-High heels and training
-Pelvic floor disfunctions
-How to reconnect our dots, slow down to find it!
-What is smoothment?
-What makes people look old?
-It takes more energy to resist movement.
-Cycle of movement. Moving through pain
-Breathing technique to reset the body.
-Pain and breathing patterns are connected.
-Suzi's experience in the lab with the human body. What she saw inside the shoulder.
-2 Most Impactful books
-Suzi's Favorite album
-Suzi's Top 3 Directives for Re-connection



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