Tradd Cotter

Tradd Cotter ~ Microbiologist, Professional Mycologist, Organic Gardener

Tradd's Bio


Tradd Cotter is a microbiologist, professional mycologist, and organic gardener, who has been tissue culturing, collecting native fungi in the Southeast, and cultivating both commercially and experimentally for more than twenty-two years. In 1996 he founded Mushroom Mountain, which he owns and operates with his wife, Olga, to explore applications for mushrooms in various industries and currently maintains over 200 species of fungi for food production, mycoremediation of environmental pollutants, and natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. His primary interest is in low-tech and no-tech cultivation strategies so that anyone can grow mushrooms on just about anything, anywhere in the world. Mushroom Mountain is currently expanding to 42,000 square feet of laboratory and research space near Greenville, South Carolina, to accommodate commercial production, as well as mycoremediation projects. Tradd, Olga, and their daughter, Heidi, live in Liberty, South Carolina.

Show Notes:

-How Tradd Describes his job description

-5 min What was it that drove Tradd to study fungi?

-Going from apartment lab to a full blown medical research facility.

-13 min How the the employee model is flawed and how to be a part of Tradd's team.

-14 min Why are mushrooms becoming mainstream now?

-18 min The forests are the Pharmaceutical companies.

-21 min The virtually UN-explored 5million fungi species that want you to find them.

-25 min How and why are the fungi creating these medicines? Sweaty mushrooms.

-30 min Potential of helpful and sustainable pesticide from fungi

-37 min Helping the needy people by growing the helpers.

-38 min The Anti-Biotic application of fungi to harmonize the body.

-48 min How to help and support Tradd's mission.

-50 min Myco-pesticides and the zombie mushroom.

-56 min Top directives for engaging with the fungi kingdom


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